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Amherst, NY Compost Supplier

Amherst, NY Compost SupplierCJ Krantz is the leading compost supplier for Buffalo and all of Western New York. We have been supplying compost to these areas for over 81 years now. Being gardeners ourselves, we understand gardening challenges, especially in the Amherst, NY area, such as climate changes, elevations, and many other unfavorable conditions. As such, we develop our compost under stringent conditions and test it to make sure it works as expected before releasing it to the market.

Besides being a trusted compost supplier, we also offer other farm products, including the highest grade of topsoil, premium decorative mulch, and dirt fill that is perfect for low spots or building a berm.

Benefits of Using Compost in Your Garden

Using compost on your garden or lawn comes with numerous benefits. Below are some of them:

  • Soil that has been fortified with compost does not need frequent watering because it holds moisture for long.
  • Adding compost to your garden prevents the soil from becoming too acidic or alkaline.
  • The natural soil organisms in compost are good for your garden.
  • It improves the soil structure.

Why CJ Krantz's Compost?

It Is Perfect for All Your Plants

Our compost has been proved to work perfectly for your balcony garden, backyard garden, indoor plants, and many other areas. As the CJ Krantz family, our mission is to boost your gardening efforts. We want you to look at your plants after applying our compost and feel happy and accomplished. We provide you with the darkest and the most nutrient-rich compost in the globe.

It's of High Quality

Is your lawn looking unhealthy? Are your plants dying because of poor soil quality? Try our compost and note the difference. We produce and supervise our compost production until it's packed and ready for you and, as such, guarantee you quality and great results. What's more? our compost is all-natural and therefore safe for the environment

Choose CJ Krantz for Your Compost Needs in Amherst

The CJ Krantz team does not only sell compost to you; we also offer you advice wherever you need it. Our customer care experts are passionate gardeners and always happy to chat about your plants' lives. Contact us today, and let's plan on how to revive your garden. We are your most trusted compost supplier.