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C.J. Krantz Organics Invoice Disclaimer/Waiver


Dear Customers,

Listed below is the Disclaimer/Waiver language that is on our invoices when we bring you a delivery. Before we will dump your product you will be required to sign the invoice in acceptance of what is worded below. Please read this carefully before you decide to sign the document as it is legally binding in a court of law. For example; if you direct our truck to dump on your concrete driveway and it cracks it is your responsibility for the repair, NOT OURS ! Our delivery personnel are not concrete experts.

Because the response of the products sold by C.J. Krantz Inc. are vulnerable to both climatic conditions and maintenance by parties other than the seller, THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED OF THE MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Materials will not be delivered beyond the curb without the authority of a contractor, owner, agent or agent believed to be the agent who assumes all responsibility for damage and delay. All customers will accept full responsibility for dumping beyond the curb. This waiver will release C.J. Krantz Inc. from liability for any damage caused by our vehicles. Customer will accept all towing costs for our trucks if applicable. A $40.00 returned check fee plus all collection and legal fees plus 25% will apply. Not all products sold by C.J. Krantz are Organic.