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Amherst, NY Compost Supplier

Amherst, NY Compost SupplierMany homeowners in Amherst, NY, rely on organic compost to help their growing plants thrive. We are proud to serve our residential and commercial clients looking for a way to keep their landscaping fresh and vibrant while looking out for the environment.

C. J. Krantz Organics is the area's top compost supplier — and we make our product right here in a local facility. So, we can tell you every ingredient that goes into our "black gold," as gardeners sometimes refer to it. Through the natural process of recycling vegetable scraps, leaves, and other organic material, we produce a pure product to help your lawn and flower beds thrive.

Organic Compost Benefits

Poor quality, tired soil lacks the nutrition to support healthy plants such as flowers and vegetables. Once you add our compost into the mix of your lawn care routine, you'll notice a big difference within two or three weeks. You can even use it to create a healthier lawn.

How can we guarantee that our organic compost has no harmful chemicals in it?

Since we make our own compost, our technicians control the process from beginning to end. That includes sourcing natural material that results in a rich, dark compost that's attractive to look at and free of chemicals that are harmful to pets and kids.

Enrich Your Soil Without Tons of Fertilizer - Use compost

Call us when you need a reliable compost supplier in Amherst, NY. Our compost puts nutrients back into the soil and adds a layer of protection for seeds and seedlings.

Here are some of the ways your soil improves without a huge investment in fertilizers:

  • Helps your soil maintain moisture
  • Suppresses pests and diseases
  • Decreases reliance on chemical fertilizers
  • Facilitates the production of helpful fungi and bacteria that break up organic material into nutrients
  • Encourages higher yields

Compost as a Mulch Substitute

Many people use a mulch to suppress weeds, keep the soil moist, and to add beauty to their landscaping. Organic compost accomplishes all of these things. The rich black color gives your beds a natural look while insulating the soil from the rays of the sun and preventing topsoil erosion.

For best results with compost in the Amherst area, add two inches of compost to your flower beds or garden.

Your Amherst, NY Compost Supplier 

C.J. Krantz Organics is the compost supplier to trust in Amherst, NY. Our compost can keep your plants growing without getting strangled out by weeds or dying due to poor soil conditions. We also provide topsoil, mulch, dirt fill, stone, and other products to promote healthy, aesthetically pleasing outdoor green spaces at your home and business.

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