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Cheektowaga, NY Compost Supplier

Cheektowage, NY Compost SupplierTaking care of your lawn can sometimes mean applying mulch to retain the soil's moisture content. While black mulch does an excellent job on your garden or yard, having to pull it back every summer in readiness for another mulch application is a challenge.

Well, you can now forget the on and off mulch application sequence by investing in Screened Black Compost from C.J Krantz. We are a trusted and reliable compost supplier operating within West New York. We take pride in providing our clients with high-quality, enriched, and long-lasting compost to residents and businesses in Buffalo, Cheektowaga, and the greater East Amherst region.

Why Use C.J Krantz's Screened Black Compost

Our inspiration to start supplying compost began when Tim Krantz, the CEO, saw how an office park in Williamsville utilized black compost on their lawn and ended up achieving tremendous results. The compost stayed in the soil for a long time without losing its dark color, thus eliminating the need to get rid of it or replace it with another, as you would with black mulch.

Most people think that compost contains weeds, and that's the reason they don't consider using it. That's a misconception. Our composed treatment process involves passing the compost in high-temperature chambers [over 160◦], which prevents the growth of weeds. The only weeds you have to worry about are those that germinate naturally from pollen grains, transferred by insects and wind.

Our Products

C.J Krantz is dedicated to satisfying all your soil needs, from gardening to landscaping. Our product line features soil mixtures, different grades of compost, and gravel. They include:

Top Soil

  • Premium Topsoil (LAPP RD)
  • Garden Loamsoil Conditioner
  • Organic Nutrisoil

Screened Organic Leaf Compost

Decorative Mulch

  • Chocolate and Ultra Black Mulch
  • Alabama Triple Ground Mulch

Dirt Fill


  • Crushed Limestone
  • Pea Gravel
  • Landscape Stones
  • Fine Limestone Screenings
  • Crusher Run

Note: We sell our products in packages of 5 cubic yards and above. Read more about our products here.

Whether you use black compost already or you want to start using it for your gardening and landscaping needs, you can count on CJ Krantz to provide high-grade, nutrient-rich compost. Contact us at (716) 741-3850.