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Clarence, NY Compost Supplier

Clarence, NY CompostOrganic compost adds natural beauty to your outdoor growing areas. At the same time, it feeds the soil to help you grow vibrant, healthy plants in you envision.

Use our dark compost to give your overworked soil a boost or to provide nourishment to your yard. Keep watering your Clarence, NY lawn for two to three weeks and watch it become greener before your eyes. Our all-natural product is produced at our own facility, so we know exactly what goes into it — and what doesn't. And, as an ethical compost supplier, we make sure our compost won't harm your pets or family.

Advantages of Organic Compost

Our compost permanently enriches your soil. It keeps its dark color and saves you time and money on your seasonal Clarence yard maintenance.

At C.J. Krantz Organics, we produce compost the delivers nutrients that empower your plant growth. You can add it below topsoil to give plant roots a protected layer of nutrients to fuel their growth. Additionally, lacing your seedling holes with compost prior to planting provides your seeds with a guaranteed source of food, increasing your chances of a higher yield.

Choosing Our Compost

If you use mulch for its aesthetic value, simply replace it with our compost. It provides nutrients to plants and you can work it into the soil for maximum impact.

We are the compost supplier to contact when you want to gear up for planting, spruce up your curb appeal or lay down compost for late fall maintenance.

We recommend two inches of cover for the best results. Combined with a layer of our coarse mulch, our organic compost creates a perfect nursery for young plants.

Your Compost Supplier in Clarence, NY 

C.J. Krantz Organics is a family business and that's why we believe in doing things the right way. We create compost that retains heat that extinguishes weed seeds. With temperatures up to 160 degrees, our compost helps to ensure that the only plants you nourish are the ones you want to grow. Only pollen and wind-driven seeds can find a temporary foothold in your beds.

Contact the top compost supplier in Clarence, NY, today to learn more about how our products can give you the landscaping and garden that you envision.