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Tonawanda, NY Compost Supplier

Tonawanda, NY Compost SupplierOrganic compost is a dark and nutrient-rich product that you can use on your flower beds to rejuvenate a poor soil quality or even a top dressing on your lawn. Two to three weeks after application, your lawn will be thicker and greener with proper watering. CJ Krantz is a compost supplier in Tonawanda, servicing Western New York state for over nine decades. It is because of our experience and quality services that most homeowners trust in our capabilities.

We Supply Compost, and So Much More

There are other products that CJ Krantz offers to clients besides supplying organic composts. It includes;

Decorative mulch

Decorative mulch is a fine grade premium bark mulch used by landscapers and homeowners. Alabama is one of the double ground hardwood bark mulch with a fine texture for easy spreading around trees and in beds. It provides a warm blanket to your plant's roots to retain the sun's warmth. Over time as the mulch breaks down, it forms organic nutrients that later on feed the plants.

Organic topsoils

We sell soil from the most fertile and richest areas; whereby, we go as far as testing the soil PH and its organic contents. Premium topsoil is one of the topsoils we sell because it is of a high grade in Western New York.

Dirt fill

These are filtered discharges of our screening machine and is good for building berms or low spots. It contains stones, sticks, and rocks, therefore suitable for homeowners.

Organic Nutrisoil

Organic Nutrisoil is a mixture of minerals; all the natural organic leaf compost is dark and premium topsoil. The compost's quality is also controlled to ensure it is safe for use by both the family and pets. Other products available include paving stones, English garden loan conditioner, chocolate, and ultra-black dyed mulch. Pea gravel and screenings are also important for your landscape to make it look tidy.

Choose CJ Krantz for Your Compost Needs in Tonawanda, NY

When it comes to taking care of your garden and lawn, you should not worry about starting since CJ Krantz is a perfect solution for your landscape and a renowned compost supplier in Tonawanda, New York. For more details, you can contact us via phone or email to find out more.