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Discover the Best Compost in Tonawanda, NY

Lush Garden using CJ Krantz's Compost in Tonawanda, NYImmerse your garden in nature's pure embrace with our organic compost. Noticeable results are weeks away; anticipate a thicker, greener lawn that resonates with vitality. With over nine decades of dedication, CJ Krantz is more than just a compost supplier. We're a beacon of trust and expertise in Western New York.

More Than Just Compost – Experience Our Garden Essentials

Beyond compost, CJ Krantz offers a curated range of premium products, each designed with nature and your garden's prosperity in mind:

Decorative Mulch: Our decorative mulch beautifies and nourishes a favorite among landscapers and homeowners. It retains the sun's warmth, creating a nurturing environment for your plants. Over time, this mulch gradually releases organic nutrients that feed and enrich your garden.

Premium Topsoils: Our soil isn't just dirt. It's the lifeblood of your garden. Sourced from the richest areas, we ensure every grain contributes to your garden's growth, boasting the finest grade in Western New York.

Dirt Fill: For those leveling or landscaping needs, our dirt fill is a mixture of natural elements, perfect for constructing berms or filling low spots.

Organic Nutrisoil: A harmonious blend of minerals and organic leaf compost. Its quality control ensures a safe and nurturing environment for plants and pets. Also, explore our range of paving stones, English garden soil conditioner, dyed mulch, pea gravel, and more to give your landscape a polished touch.

Why Tonawanda Chooses CJ Krantz for Organic Compost

With every grain of our compost, you're investing in the soil and partnering with decades of our commitment to nature. Every Tonawanda garden touched by CJ Krantz resonates with a story of passion and quality. Embark on this journey and transform your garden into a lush oasis. Have questions or are ready to elevate your garden? Reach out to us today!

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