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Williamsville, NY Mulch Supplier

Williamsville, NY Mulch SupploerIf you find yourself redoing or beginning a landscaping project, chances are you may end up needing some mulch. If you're in the Williamsville area, call CJ Krantz first! We are the leading mulch supplier for the Northtowns and across most of WNY, and we can't wait to help you get started on your project. 

Products and Services Offered by C.J Krantz Organics

While mulch is one of our primary products, CJ Krantz offers a variety of other landscaping supplies that may be suitable for your project: 


Our premium Top Soil is the highest grade in Western New York since we choose from the most fertile areas. It is enriched with good Organic Content and PH Levels before being sold to customers.


The Organic Nutrisoil is a screened mixture of Minerals and Natural Organic Dark Leaf Compost and the Top Soil. This mixture helps in the control of the quality of the compost for the safety of the product, family and pets and can be used in garden application and landscapes.


This product is the richest and darkest product on the planet. You can use this product on your flower beds to boost poor soils or as a top dresser in your lawn, and expect results in 2-3 weeks. Since we make this product at our facilities, it is natural hence very safe for your pets.


Alabama is our finest premium grade bark mulch which makes it the most used by homeowners and landscapers. This Mulch is a double ground hardwood bark and has a fine and consistent texture that makes it easy to spread in your beds and around trees. Further, this Mulch acts like a blanket that provides warmth to your plants on cool nights. With time, it absorbs and goes to the root system and feeds your plants.

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Whether its mulch, topsoil, or other landscaping groundcover you need, make sure to give us a call! Our helpful team will be sure to set you up with the correct mulch for your Williamsville area project. Call today!