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Top-Quality Compost in Buffalo, NY

Why Compost Surpasses Mulch: The Sustainable Choice

Tired of the yearly ritual of refreshing your garden beds? Experience the lasting richness of our Screened Black Compost – a sustainable choice that ties your garden to the heart of Buffalo, NY.

About Our Compost

Break Free from the Mulch Refresh Cycle

Like countless Buffalo residents, I used black mulch in my flower beds for years. Each Spring meant redoing the beds. That changed when I discovered the transformational beauty of our Screened Black Compost. Not only does it stay dark indefinitely, but it also feeds the plants with essential nutrients, bringing out the best in Buffalo gardens.Buffalo, NY Compost Guide

So, Why Isn't Everyone Using Compost?

One word: Myths. Let's debunk the biggest one:

Will compost flood my garden with weeds?

Absolutely NOT! Our composting process heats up to a scorching 160+ degrees, decimating nearly all weed seeds. The few weeds you might see? They're from nature – airborne seeds or pollen. Our compost is almost sterilized from weeds. For a more in-depth look, click here.

Witness the beauty of compost in landscaping through our image gallery.

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